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04-15-2010, 02:46 AM
I went with Drake.

I just didn't see an Undine flying around in a shuttle getting shot at by Kardies on the odd chance that a fed ship happened to be around to rescue him, just so that he could then lead that fed ship back to another fed ship, subdue a bunch a telepaths, just to take out the captain. It'd be an incredibly stupid plan with no benefit whatsoever, unless there was some hidden time travel plot thing going on by some guy who knew that Drake knew me and how and, well, all just too complicated. Occam's razor said the captain gets sliced.

So set phasers on stun and shoot the Captain. Oh, yup, he's an undine, well, set to kill.

Originally Posted by Raithnor View Post
How does the text differ if you pick the Captain over Drake? Do they still try to "recruit" you into Section 31 but come up with a different BS reason why?
He gives you a line about questioning your decision making process, but that's about it. And once past that, same dialogue.

You won't see a diverging like that, due to the complications it would cause. You are teamed, one guy has done A in the past, the other B, that sort of thing.