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04-15-2010, 02:58 AM
we do ti slighlty differently, presuming you have the standard setup (groupwise atleast 1 medic and 4 others) we split them out completly (we have the damage to cover this though)

the medic stays in the middle and the rest of us take up base at each of the generator platforms. As we have 2 engineers at the very least per run we setup turrets and drones on generator 1 and 4 (the ones closest to where the boss spawns) and the other two setup base on the other side (2 and 3). after that we just blast it and hypo up when needed.

Also a little tip for your engineers, let them use covershield behind the turrets. If you get that shiney circle debuff you can hide behind the covershield whitout damaging your turrets and drones.