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04-15-2010, 03:39 AM
Originally Posted by Gabrelle
Update : No longer stuck on the puzzle! We brute forced it with 3 tacticals, 1 engineering (control room guy) and myself (science officer running with the geophysicist kit for guaranteed exposes on the generator). We just blasted the generators until the person in the control room got the option to "Extend Power" on the conduits (which he activated while his turrets / drones would tank).
In this scenario you was able to disable the "extend time" terminal before the generator was blowing up. Maybe there lies the problem. To extend time before it explodes. This was the little thing I noticed yesterday, that the console becomes available (flashing white) while the borg are in the control room and the other group member shoot at it.

But honestly devs you can't be serious with this: The generator is restored to full health if the redirect ends and the shield comes back online. If you want us to extend the time before the thing goes up by just do a certain damage you might mentioned that and stop repairing the generator after shield goes up again. This way player can give it a dosed amount of damage maybe in two or three attempts until console becomes available.

But with the current setting the only conclusion players have with the full repair is to put as much damage into it before shields comes up again. And blowing them up before activation seem to bug the instance somehow and only sometimes.