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04-15-2010, 03:58 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
Anyway, personally, I understand why they nerfed the consoles. They devs had this idea that we would take different consoles. But no, we crazy players have a tendency to pick some power and then stacking consoles to support it to the max. Much like they are sort of surprised we do the exact same thing with tactical consoles.

So, essentially, we're making science powers more powerful than they want them to be. Since scaling is linear, that puts them in a rough spot. They don't want to nerf the initial value, as then the power isn't good without the support. They want taking the T1, T2, and T3-5 science skills to be worthwhile, so science powers have to scale decently. But then they've got consoles and the Deflector Dish spot to deal with.

Basically, you're typical power can scale by 100 skill. Some, the ones that benefit from the skills that the 3 team skills raise, by 130. Powers that rely on science skills though, due to the deflector dish spot and science consoles, could scale by an additional 160. Over twice as much as others. Now, we're looking at possibly an additional 100 still, so still twice others, ignoring teams.

So, if the devs want a power to top out at 10 (and are fine with it going to 11 with a team skill), your typical skill would start at 5 and hit 10 at 100 skill. A science skill would have to start at 5 and take 260 skill to hit 10. Or else start at 3 and hit 10 at 260 skill. Or potentially it gets to start at 3, hits 6 at 100 skill, and hits 11 at 260, 12 with science team. In essence, science powers have to be designed weaker than others to start with and with 100 skill, because we might choose to make it stronger.
I don't think this really addresses the point of this topic: Why the old consoles were grandfathered in. I can understand the nerf, just not the reasoning why the older consoles would keep the inflated bonuses, as it's not beneficial to the longevity of this game or improving player incentive to create new characters (as these items will be unobtainable for them). It also puts players who were in the know regarding this change on much higher ground, skill-wise and financially, yet another negative aspect of the change.

As for changing the consoles out, that 'could' be a valid idea, but it'd hard to figure out what consoles would/should be upgraded to what other console equivalents. Giving all these players MK X VRs isn't great in terms of balancing (since they're currently unobtainable), but it's a huge improvement over the current skill point gap, up to 60 more than the now 'average' new player.