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04-15-2010, 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by ionfone View Post
I don't think this really addresses the point of this topic: Why the old consoles were grandfathered in. I can understand the nerf, just not the reasoning why the older consoles would keep the inflated bonuses, as it's not beneficial to the longevity of this game or improving player incentive to create new characters (as these items will be unobtainable for them). It also puts players who were in the know regarding this change on much higher ground, skill-wise and financially, yet another negative aspect of the change.
Yeah, I already answered that a while back. They did it so people didn't get nerfed, basically felt the change needed doing, but that it wasn't a big enough issue to nerf people.

I've seen items grandfathered in other games, but they were typically pretty rare items to begin with, not PvP factors, and/or not chopped in half, power-wise.

As for changing the consoles out, that 'could' be a valid idea, but it'd hard to figure out what consoles would/should be upgraded to what other console equivalents. Giving all these players MK X VRs isn't great in terms of balancing (since they're currently unobtainable), but it's a huge improvement over the current skill point gap, up to 60 more than the now 'average' new player.
I think it'd be pretty easy. Since the consoles got halved, you'd replaced any old console with a value over 15. Yeah, that would mean you'd see some grandfathered ones below 15 in the lower tiers, but that wouldn't be too much an issue. Limited number of console slots and all that.

Purple consoles are obtainable right now, I believe. Just the only way to get them is as a random drop and rare actually means rare when it comes to drops. Which is why it would work. People who spent a ton on the grandfathered consoles would feel less hurt by it. And if they start out unbound, then people can try to sell them if they want. I'd imagine once the initial flood passed, they'd go for a pretty penny. Unless, of course, they do something silly like add them to the badge vendors.

Although, personally, I want to see all the +skill science consoles removed from the game and new non-skill boosting science consoles added to replace them. Grandfathered or not, get rid of the science skill consoles.