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04-15-2010, 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
The Borg Complex, this really ****ed us all off and was really disappointed in Cryptic. Because the layout was practically rehash of the mines we had missions with in the lower tiers. And the Borg were insanely tough. And there was a ton of them that we were dying left and right. Some people were getting killed in 2 shots.

Frankly, this zone is nothing but zerging and nobody enjoyed it. We all joked around that if Death Penalty was implemented, we all would be Ensigns again.

But Cryptic, I'm disappointed that you can't think of anything beyind Zerg Tactics. Lets get some interesting situations going okay?

Now what really ****ed us all off the most was after we dropped the Power nodes, how there was literally hundreds of Borg, zerging us. Not only that, our respawn was reset to the beginning of the complex, along with the Borg. Which made it near impossible to get to the Boss.

After painstakingly clearing all those borg, again, we got to the boss and them zerging us out of the room. (Geez, Borg Zer, Player Zerg! This is the mainstay of STO gameplay - Zerging. We Zerg in Infected, We Zerg in Cure, and We Zerg here! I probably died more times doing Part 3 than I did in 10 years of MMOs!

BTW, Nobody has found the Borg BO, but yet we all unlocked the Assimilation Acolade. So nice Cryptic was pulling our leg in promise of a new and unique Borg BO.
Been told that the borg bo isn't in the game yet because it was still crashing people or something.

You don't need to zerg this, you just need to go forward slowly and use pulling tactics. For example in the generator room, move in, kill a node, then backup to the doorway and let them come to you. Rinse and repeat. After you take down the last generator a bunch of non noded borg spawn, so make sure the last generator you destroy is on the second floor so you can quickly backup to the doorway. Only thing I can suggest for the miniboss is get a plasma grenade in the doorway or a forcefield dome.

Its perfectly possible to do this fighting only 1 group at a time, except for the mini boss. As for people being 2 shotted, make sure everyone is wearing energy dampening armor.