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04-15-2010, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Definatley easier.
Now im not one to back away from a challenge, in fact ive slain some of the most impossible monsters in MMO's with cunning and tactics.
But even just being on "Infected" is awful.... unless you are an "uber team" you have absolutely no chance at all.
Me and four of my fleet mates spent "3 hours" last night trying to do Infected, and we never even got further than the first boss monster room, and we didnt even manage to clear it out.
I agree that endgame content should be difficult, but catering to the super specialized and no-life players is just wrong.
If Cryptic wants that kind of content in the game they should just add some pure boss dungeons, like in other MMO's, no storyline or anything, just a dungeon with a super hard boss that drops epic loot.
One thing you might want to try (if you want to bother doing it again - I really don't consider my successful run to be well-spent hours of my life) in the midboss room is staying back by the door and only entering as far as you need to to get LoS on the interlink nodes. The spawning reinforcements tend not to aggro then. Somewhat silly and not the sort of thing that would be sensical in-universe, but that appears to be STFs for ya.