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04-15-2010, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by Shadowryche
Feels good to play as nothing more than game content for Klingons. OMG I shooted at a Klingon, whats he do? 1.) Cloaks and flees. 2.) Summons a load of ships on my friggin head. 3.) Shoots me with some purple crap that disables me until I can push my Science Team button, and hope to frigging god my autotarget hasn't already reselected him, and it doesn't tick on my ****ing Boarding Team. 4.) Or I get into a PvP match where the Klingons are intelligent and working together. Essentially I feel like content for these guys, and prefer PvP on equal playing grounds. With out the PvP I really don't see much going on in this game, maybe I'll come back with the next content patch. Oh wait, I'm ****ing deaf and can't use Ventrillo so I can't get into a Fleet and do anything like that.
I PvP on both sides and reason most Feds suck is that they level via PvE whereas most Klingons level via PvP, so by the time they reach BG (that's admiral to you) Klingon players have fought in literally hundreds of matches and have learned the importance of team work.

A GOOD Fed team is a match for a good Klingon team because actually the Fed ships have several advantages (contrary to what some will say, the BoP is a lousy Sci ship compared to the Fed versions and Fed cruisers and Escorts, at least at Admiral level, give better BOff options)...

...but the sad fact is a typical Fed PUG is full of people who refuse to stick together and then wonder why they get ganked... or who rush into combat at full impulse... alone... and then wonder why they 'splode after two seconds of incoming fire and why their outgoing fire does 10 points of damage if that ... There are some great Fed PvP players out there amidst the sea of mediocrity and ineptitude, so go join a good Fleet and learn the tricks.