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04-15-2010, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by Josen
As I stated we used the hints and tips... if you combine the information about the first space mission you get something like this:

Primary objectiv: Prevent Probes to get to the gate in the centre.
Secondary objective: Destroy Transwarp Gates
Finally: Destroy all Borg.

Tactics - Divide and Conquer

Two teams as follows:
Team Left: 3 ships, highest DPS (2 Escorts) by the left hand gate.
Team Right: 2 ships by the right hand gate.

Assault (Both teams)
- Kill initial group of borg at the centre gate
- Once all Probes/Speheres are killed the timer will start and the gates shields will drop, you want to be in position when that happens.
- one designated timer: the whole event is on a 3 minute timer; after three minutes have passed the shields will drop and reinforcement Borg will come through the gates. One player will track time.
- OPTION: lure a Borg Cube close to the Left gate; if timed correctly it will explode at the same time the gate drops it shields and the Borg ships arrive. With some luck it will take a big % from the gate and at least will explode among its own Borg ships and take all or most of them in the explosion.
- OPTION: maybe its posiible to do this with both cubes by sepparating them left and right? I dont know.

Team Left
- Will position themselves behind the Left gate as not to immediatly aggro Spheres when they come through.
- (Option) Who has mines deploys them at the Borg gate spawn or the direct path to the centre gate.
- Will fire on the gate when its shields drop, to try and do as much damage as they can before the shields raise.
- Once the shields raise they will fly through the gate and destroy all the borg that came out...
- ... starting with the probes and then taking out the spheres last.
- Once all the borg are dead on this (left) side, 1 or 2 escorts can full impulse to help Team Right.
- Once they have helped, full impulse back to Left gate and regroup.
- Repeat this tactic until the left gate is dead.

Team Right
- Will stay on target and not leave the gate.
- Will position themselves left and right of the gate as not to immediatly aggro Spheres when they come through.
- Will not be firing on the gate (yet).
- Who has mines deploys them in the path from the right gate to the center gate.
- As there is only two on the team they will need to target the Borg that come out immediately.
- Again as above, probes first, spheres last with buffs to confuse spheres and keep you protected from them.
- remember the escorts will come to help and will clear anything that is still left, so keep at it.

Assault Right
- Now once that is done, some cubes will arrive in the next group.
- Both Teams should group up by the right hand gate
- Take out ONE of the cubes, but not the second (if you kill both cubes they will just respawn and this makes things alot more tricky).
- One of the group (probably low DPS sci or cruiser) should get aggro off the remaining cube
(by being the only person shooting at it) and then drag it well away from the gate so that it doesn't bother the other members of the team.
- Remaining team 4/5, will fire on the gate when its shields drop, to try and do as much damage as they can before the shields raise.
- Repeat this tactic until the right gate is dead.
- Finally: Kill the last Cube.

A bit more detailed than what we found necessary, But looks like that would work. Also, to make things easier, we kited both cubes, leaving the more squishy borg for the DPS team.