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04-15-2010, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by capn_pickles View Post

Really? Nobody else?

I'd really find it useful to have the option to float the #, ctrl+#, alt+# on the display rows rather than have them permanently bound to fixed rows.
I use the 3rd bar option as well, the first two settings don't let me use the hotkeys like I want.

I just ran into this problem last night. After running KA space and failing, I wanted to have the option of turning my DSSV into a healing machine by swapping a few BOs. I spent an hour choosing the tight abilities and assigning BO points.

I get to space and I realise what a mess switching between BOs can be. Why have so many BOs and hotbars if they're all wonky!!?

Switching between BOs should save key assignments, or as the OP stated, bar 1 should always be 1-9, bar2 ctrl+1-9, etc. No matter what sub-bar is selected.

Maybe no one else notices because they don't have the need to swap BOs for skills often. As for science ships, this is a function necessary to accommodate group support and solo roles.