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04-15-2010, 10:31 AM
Here is some advice we use to breeze through it

Phase 1 space - get 1 or 2 science vessels built with FBP 3 and FBP 2, a tractor beam repulsors, a scramble sensor, some hull healing. Dont bother with shield heals other than a RSP, A photnic officer helps too. With those skills 1 science vessel can hold down each "space cheerios" while the team goes all out DPS on the gate, then when it closes go after what is left, normally the spheres will be killing the probes, SS wears off then the science FBP3 and the spheres go BOOM real fast then the team kilsl the probes. This is an easy cycle to handle if the science vessel is good. once one "space cheerio" is down then you get cubes....this again is easy to kill with good science vessels using FBP, use the cruisers to heal them and DPS, scramble the spheres to help kill things esocrt on the gate then the mobs repeat until your done. we have done this a ffew times with 1 scienc evessel (me) with little trouble at all.

Phase 2 ground - Our main focus here due to the large amount of spawns with we usually just go straight in, spawn the security teams to draw a some agro kill all the nodes we can with the rooms with multiple nodes. If we wipe whatever. we then go back and kill the borgs with no worry about repops. Up till the puzzle room this is easy.

Puzzle room - Obviously we go through and kill all the mobs and nodes to make things easier. when we go into the puzzle room we tried various combonations of symbols
We did not find any combonation that prevents borgs from spawning so to deal witht he adds that pop in the room with the "controler" and outsdei with the group; I (science officer) used neural nuetranizer (sp) to placate the spawns for 10 seconds which was enough time to allow the other 4 people to DPS the node long enough to allow for the "extend shield" option to pop up. This allows the different power nodes to be taken down. The mobs that spawn in the room with the controler I just kite around the room until the team outside is finished with those mobs, they come in the controler room and kill the mobs there then head off to the next node adn repeat until all are dead.
Once the last location is dealt with the Borg ARMY arrives outside the controller room, the best thing at that point is to have a person at the top level by the IMS (sp). We usually take a death after that since you spawn right outside the door (very close) and right by the other IMS.
The final ground boss - after a few PEWPEW amazing fights to the boss room we all ran right in and behind the boss to kill the 2 nodes then waxed the boss easily. Keep getting crappy drops too.

Space final part - great role playing story telling here. Nothing about this paet that is hard to do especially if you have the science vessels built with the earlier suggestions.
Its fun and long and gives some really cool story telling.
PM me if u need more info.