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04-15-2010, 03:02 PM
A group of friends and someone we picked up on the way in did Infected last night. SImmons was not that bad actually; we started on the lower right and moved clockwise until we were on the upper right when we disabled the shield generator. The two tacticals in our team stayed in the middle and did a good job keeping the drones off us. The few they missed we either punted into the plasma or let the force field dome do it. When Simmons herself showed up, the two engineers threw up a cover shield on the upper right corner providing cover for quick recovers. The two tacticals remained in the center and threw debuffs on her. We finished her off in less than a minute.

Overall, I think I rate everything before the final chamber as more difficult than SImmons herself. Although our science officer got D/Ced half way through the mission, was able to reconnect quick enough but ended up causing a bug where he didn't get credit for completing it. <_<