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04-15-2010, 03:10 PM

While your point about those who spent money on the grandfathered consoles post-nerf is well-taken, that entire situation was one created by the boneheadedness of the nerf in the first place. If sci consoles are overpowered when stacked, or abilities prove problematic due the linearity of skill scaling, then nerf universally...or not at all.

The point of this entire thread is that it's the grandfathering of the nerf that is not acceptable. It's remarkable the number of players who have the +30 consoles who are in agreement that any change in the sci consoles should have been universal, not two-tiered.

As the devs have nerfed, discussion of purples or even compensation for those lucky enough to have the in-game equivalents of Charlie Bucket's Golden Ticket is, and will remain, a point for another thread.