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04-15-2010, 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by LordTareq View Post
Is this cheating? Well I'd consider it bug exploiting yes.
Since when is something an exploit even the ingame-tips on the loading screens advice you to do?

"Change bridge officers out of combat to fit your current needs." Or something similar like this.

For example my escort got no hazard emitters in his combat-BOs, why should it if I get blown to pieces in 5 seconds when shields fail and HE got 30secs duration, better field a jam sensors. But I switch it in after a battle to reach full hull before the respawn overruns me.
Or I usually fly with Attack Pattern Beta III in my commander slot. If I face several VM users in the PvP match I switch out my Cmdr-slot BO with the ltd-cmdr-slot BO, which got Attack Pattern Omega III on his Cmdr slot. I can't see how this is in any sense cheating. I would call it adapting to the enemy and changing tactics.

Switching BOs doesn't penalizes any occurring fight. The time it takes red alert to drop, after you stopped shooting and stopped taking damage and didn't heal allies that are in combat, etc., is quite long, the battle is over at this time, so why shouldn't he be able to switch his BOs to adapt to the situation?