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04-15-2010, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by .Angelous.****.
But according to and the character builder Engineering Team is actually linked to Engineering Team Leader, Starship Hull Repair and Starship Engine Maintenance.

Is this true? Is the skill miss-linked? Becuase I would hate to blow skill points on a Captain skill that's useless if I can buy a useful Lt Commander one and have extra points to spend.
Since skills are impacted by a T1, a T2, and a T3-5 skill, the T2 wouldn't change. If subsystems repair did impact the healing, then Starship Hull Repair would be the power that didn't.

But, of course, Starship Subsystem Repair doesn't impact the healing and isn't listed for ET. If it does anything, I'd guess that would increase the chance of ET repairing a subsystem. It mentioning ET and MW just confuses people and makes them waste points though, making them think they'll get healing or resists out of it.