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04-15-2010, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Xakhareth
The point of this entire thread is that it's the grandfathering of the nerf that is not acceptable. It's remarkable the number of players who have the +30 consoles who are in agreement that any change in the sci consoles should have been universal, not two-tiered.
Yup, I agree with that. And that's someone who has +30 consoles. If it is broken, it is broken and should be fixed. If it isn't broken, then leave it alone.

Although, again, my feeling is that in this case, +skill consoles are broken period and should all go the way of the dodo, grandfathered or not

As the devs have nerfed, discussion of purples or even compensation for those lucky enough to have the in-game equivalents of Charlie Bucket's Golden Ticket is, and will remain, a point for another thread.
Actually, a necessary part of a thread like this, which talks about a specific case that was snuck onto live without testing on Tribble. Too late to provide feedback there. So now people have done things with "real" characters. And if you want to make it universal, you've got to take that into account, so you can counter the argument that it wouldn't be fair to those that paid millions for grandfathered consoles that are suddenly worthless because the devs changed their minds.