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04-15-2010, 03:06 PM
i just did this mission and it bugged on me too, after killing the 4 worshipers, DO NOT move past the beach into the liquid, STOP where the middle worshiper was at the edge, if you go any further you'll go into 'red alert' from the changeling and you cant talk to him, making you have to run up the pathway to get the "changeling" option show up in the bottom right, where options like "take items", "ops" "leave system" etc, usually show up. then the changeling "LASS" WONT spawn at all, and you'll have to beam back up to your ship, then back down again..

.. if you do have to beam up and down again, you'll be back at the spawning pools, having to just kill the patrol of three guys on the path, then the 4 worshippers again, then you can stop on the beach, talk to the changling, and LASS should spawn right in front of you... *spoiler in black text* highlight next 2 lines to see about combat with lass.
lass is easy to kill with a few normal shots and one exploit of 1000+ dmg, and doesn't do much damage at all... bit of a let down actually for a BOSS battle.

the escape ships are near the planet in 4 groups of 4, just fly within 2k of them and beam up the crewmembers off them with 'use key' (F).