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04-15-2010, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by Axterix
The OP is talking about swapping out BOffs for another one with the same power so as to get around the long recharge time of RSP. Most likely not intended.
I don't have an issue here either. He won't be able to do it while a fight is going on, so the cooldown served its purpose (not making anyone able to chain RSP x-times in a fight).
After the fight is over and the enemy respawned everyone got the same cards again. Person A can switch BOs to heal himself and reset cooldowns (with resetting cooldowns he is able to heal himself even quicker), Person B can get ready for a combat too.

Only a 15sec respawn timer would be even more unfair without it. Why shall the enemy I had beaten in a fair fight shall be able to jump me all healed up and regenerated an instant later, when all my cooldowns are still down and I had maybe time to pop a science team in the meantime max.

Plus also consider that every player uses RSP, so it is not anything that throws classes or factions out of balance.