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04-15-2010, 04:49 PM
I would imagine with the latest patch it's now extremely hard (impossible?) to solo this:

•Borg ships resist confuse, hold, and subsystem damage. The higher the tier of the ship, the higher the resistance.
You used to be able to focus your weapons on the spheres before the cubes, they only have 80k life vs 240k for the cubes. Keep scramble sensors on the spheres, keep VM and/or Jam sensors on the cube(s). Obviously with the nerf that may not be possible any more. Maybe do it with Feedback Pulse3 before that gets nerfed? I did it a couple times but I pretty much gave up solo farming the space portion of Infected when they drastically upped the Borg health.

Of course the real answer is: this is a group mission, go in with a team of 5.