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04-15-2010, 05:56 PM
Originally Posted by LordTareq View Post
Much to my annoyance, the main reason why I was looking forward to Federation pvp (good and interesting fights with other people who enjoy pvp, rather than Klingon teams consisting of mainly FBP and VM exploiting players with a mentallity that befits a faction that uses PvP as a forced levelling system rather than something you do for the fun of it) has become invalid as suddenly the same Federation players that were screaming murder over FBP being an unfair advantage to the klingons have now all found it necessary to spec for stacked FBP and VM to gain the maximal advantage, making FvF almost as unenjoyable as FvK.

Perhaps now you realise that there never was any difference in the use of given abilities by both sides... and the reason experienced Fed teams often win against the Klingons is... they used FBP, Sub Nuc and VM against the Klingon players.

Trust me, from the Klingon side the Feds are the true 'science spammers' whereas the Klingons are the dps'ers for the most part. I play both sides.