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04-15-2010, 07:00 PM
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The Infected for example. Five players just can't survive against waves of borg sphere doing 600 dmg a time with their beams.
They can. Sit behind the gateway, damage the gateway, fly away, wait for the pats to get behind the gate, let one player pull the last group, finish them off, redo it until one group is left, while attacking the last group, get back into attack range to the gateway, finish the last enemy, repeat.
That is the easiest way I can think off. It may take you a while this way, but is easy and absolutely doable without dying. If you feel more familiar with how much damage the borg do and how much you can handle, you might want to stay at the gate with your group instead of pulling the enemies one by one.

Originally Posted by smc4175 View Post
The Cure. Much the same as above and players get swarmed again by sphere. The tact cube takes a while to dps down.
If you are dying in the first space part, there definitely is something wrong.
Second space part, focus fire and kill them in the order of assimilated klingon ships, probes, spheres, cube, tac cube. I can't remember the last time someone died there. The space boss, well, it happens that a escort pops because it got hit unlucky.

Originally Posted by smc4175 View Post
The Khitmoter Accords - Worse part of them at the beginning. Players just can't survive against wave upon wave of spheres. Two of them can destroy a ship with seconds. Again either less spawns or Borg damage needs to lowered. It's just not fun exploding for 5th time. The tactical cube just takes a while to burn down if the grp isn't high on damage ;/.
-> probes, spheres, cubes, tac cube.
When you are in range of your first target, there is no need to fly any further. Stop your engines, finish your enemy, go on. You don't have to be in attack range of every single target in sight.
That, of course, isn't quite possible when dealing with the two transwarp gates. We had players dying there, myself included, but when we tried out Infected and The Cure for the first times, we died way more often than now; so that is something I expect to change. For Infected and The Cure, I think it is enough to have only one cruiser and you won't have to die once. For Khitomer Accord, that is different. I would not feel good if there wasn't a cruiser in both of the groups attacking the gateways.