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04-15-2010, 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by faithborn
if you extend your hotbar to three columns you generally catch whichever of them launch
Oh I do, but last night I discvoered that its no longer 2 spots but 3. And it's not convienent for the others on your team to fiddle for them as well, especially in combat.

Hence the post, where Cryptic could arrange something where they appear in the same slot per engineer.

Originally Posted by Red.Line View Post
Does Combat Supply only give the skittles to yourself only, or does it spread the love to your BOffs too? If you have a BOff with Combat Supply, do they "keep" the skittles for themselves, do they give them to you, or do they give them to everyone in range? Bear in mind that if they're going to keep the skittles, they'll need inventory space to hold them ...

Haven't tried it myself yet, but I might run an experiment for it on Tribble.
I don't think they do, but one time I swore my BO used one of the hypos from the kit.

And the items disappear after a minute, so you can't stockpile them.