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04-15-2010, 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by Bobkyou
Been told that the borg bo isn't in the game yet because it was still crashing people or something.

You don't need to zerg this, you just need to go forward slowly and use pulling tactics. For example in the generator room, move in, kill a node, then backup to the doorway and let them come to you. Rinse and repeat. After you take down the last generator a bunch of non noded borg spawn, so make sure the last generator you destroy is on the second floor so you can quickly backup to the doorway. Only thing I can suggest for the miniboss is get a plasma grenade in the doorway or a forcefield dome.

Its perfectly possible to do this fighting only 1 group at a time, except for the mini boss. As for people being 2 shotted, make sure everyone is wearing energy dampening armor.
Yeah, just read it. And I'm happy that was the secret.

But the thing is, you have no choice but to zerg if your respawning at the beginning and not at the respawn point by the transporter. And the group having to stop what they are doing to clear the way to get to you, which isn't fair (not to mention a pain in the keester).

But it was just plain frustrating being attacked by literally hundreds of borg. It would be a disaster if the death penaltiy was implemented.

As for the Boss, yes it was pretty easy. But you have to destroy the 2 nodes behind Donatra's alcove to get the kill.