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04-16-2010, 06:58 AM
Originally Posted by STObee
No doubt there will be Klingon "content" in every update. When Klingon "content" in any update or release actually exceeds Federation content in the same update/release Cryptic will have taken a very small step toward correcting the "content gap", that vast difference that seperates the fairhaired Feds from the 3rd world Klingons.

If Cryptic worked on nothing but Klingon content for 12-18 months they MIGHT be able to close the gap. Klingons need 100+ PvE missions. How many will be in the next update?

What we can see from engineering reports is that they continue to work on 3 to 5 times as much additional Federation content as Klingon content. So, the "gap" widens, just as it has since release. Klingons fall furhter behind even though they get "more" content than the pitiful amount that they have.

Cryptic needs to kiss Klingon butt, not the other way around.
Why is the gap so important? You might fall behind what the Federation players* will have, but you will grow tremendously on your own. You will still have to explore the new content, and while you do so, it doesn't matter if the Federation has 10%, 50% or 1.000.000% more content.

Isn't it more important to have PVE content overall that brings you Lt.5 to Rear Admiral 5?

But it seems like they might actually close the gap with Season 02, because I did not read of any new mission arcs of similar length for the Federation. At best a little more end game content which will most likely be available for both factions.

*) By the way, this distinction between" Federation player" and "Klingon player" is pretty stupid, too. Ever STO player has the option to play a Federation and/or a Klingon character. So more Federation content or more Klingon content is more content for every STO player. Whether you choose to use it is another matter, of course. But I could also say. "I am a Science Officer player! Why did the Tactical Officer get a new ship costume first! They are widening the gap between Science and Tactics now!"