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04-16-2010, 08:06 AM
Well at this point I have decided to pretty much shelve my klink toons. My highest is somewhere in the commander 8 range. I'm hopeful that there maybe some content added in Season 2.0 but after seeing how they are dribbling out Season 1....I am not really excited about it. I rolled my 1st klink just a week before the Season 1 patch because I knew we were getting extra slots to buy. Since then PvP has pretty much dried up in the Lt, LtC, Com ranks, during Prime time US play (I'm CST so I am in the middle time wise) and while we now have clusters to explore, they are mind numbingly painful.

In the clusters there are usually 15+ ships pretty much fighting over the same set of "dots" on the map (Fed side I believe the max is 5 per instance) and the missions are buggy as hell. I get a system, zone in and....I can see it says "enemy confrontation" in the side bar, I get no NPC popup and thus......get no mission to do because the badguys wont spawn till you interact with the popup.

Back to the cluster around.....try to beat the otherguy to a "dot"......rinse....repeat.....get a system...go in.....

Destroy 5 things...... ok...and they would be where? Map is no help, all I see are the top of the giant freaking mushrooms I am standing below. Scanner is no help, some pencil pusher at KDS Materials Command wrote a money saving Spec that didnt actually put a scanner part in the Scanner but instead just added some blinky lights and "scanning" sound so poor KDF officers would think it is working. (BTW...whoever Dev was the brainchild for this POS should be canned, I dont care if the code is different, it should have NEVER gone live like this). So you spend an hour running thru swamp gas stubbling around looking for your 5 things to blow up. Almost as much fun as hitting yourself repeatedly with a phone book.

Back to the cluster around.....try to beat the otherguy to a "dot"......rinse....repeat.....get a system...go in.....

Ahh...taking out the trash, destroy 5 (its always 5....why not 8 or 3 or whatnot?) derelict space hulks that also happen to be defended.....ok......set up my attack.....furball ensues....pew where in the heck did that derelict spaceship go to?.....scan.....whoops!, same pencil pusher responsible for your handheld scanner also did the same thing to all KDF ship Fly around looking for said derelict ship while wanting to drop the MatCom deskjocky into the exhaust of an impluse engine.....looking.....looking.....getting carpel tunnel from mashing the tab key.....looking.....there....a fracking shuttle craft.....are you serious? I just spent 10 mins looking for a shuttle?

All of the above for less XP than fed side. Less loot. But hey my battery supply is overflowing to the point of having 5 stacks of each type in a 3 hour play session. I might actually use them up if you know they didnt have a redunkulous global cooldown. Did I mention the part were the XP sucks?

And people wonder why Klinks are always in a bad mood.

Ok so lets look at the PvP q's.......wasteland. 1 fed there.....

Our main leveling tool is PvP. Our whole side was touted as being a PvP faction. So what did the Devs do....they gave the feds FvF so, the Feds dont actually have to interact with the Klinks at all and their precious pride can stay intact because they dont get rolled 40 to 3 any more. On top of drying out the Q's for the klinks.....the Devs have, in their infinite wisdom, added what amounts to daily timers on practically all the missions Klinks need to you know, level up? The Dev who came up with this brainchild needs to be forced to roll a klink and only play KDS side exclusively for the next 12 months.

Again, people wonder why Klinks are always in a bad mood.

So I have shelved my Klinks for now, no sense beating my head against the wall over and over and over again. This is starting to feel eerily like when Cryptic made CoV and basically let it sit neglected and alone back in the day. Season 2.0 "MAY" have content for the klink side.....but will anyone still be playing klinks to notice?

Back to the Fed side where a person know...... things to actually do and that work for the most part......