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04-16-2010, 08:52 AM
well i tried this after being told about it, and it is complete bs, i can actually remove and replace the same bo and the skill is reset, someting i am sure all you 'defenders' already knew, in addition it resets all the other bo skills as well, tho i notice the defenders kept that little point to themselves, clearly this is not intended and is an exploit which those that claim it is a vaild tactic are prepared to use. Otherwise why not simply remove all cooldowns when out of combat as a matter of course and only have them maintained while in combat.

Recently i have had a cp map where i killed a fed sci ship (there were two), when he came back 10s later he sub'd me, then i was sub'd by the other, they died, 10s later he came back an sub'd me again, then so did the other. Now i know that for some reason sub is actually effected by photonic officer even tho no other captain skill is that i know of, so you can have it up in 45s but photonic has a long cooldown, which is meaningless as he can tab the officer in an out to have it reset, perhaps there is some ligitimate ability which explains why some captains can be hit with subnuc on a 24s duration then magically pop rsp when you shoot them 3s later