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# 1 Not exactly IDIC standards....
04-16-2010, 04:23 PM
IDIC = Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations....

Well that certainly does not hold true for STO PvP.
In fact i am disturbed by the course PvP has taken... catering to nothing but cookie-cutter builds.
Right now its like...
If you don't have RSP your screwed.
If you don't have FBP your screwed.
If you don't have sci team your screwed.
And virtually every escort and BoP specs the same way, for being able to blast a ship to pieces in 2 seconds flat.

Seriously... its like what point is there to having different ships? the way everything is now exactly the same in PvP with variations on a theme, one might just as well give everyone the same ship and same set of abilities and be done with it.
This is not be whining about being blow up, on the contrary, i find it disgusting myself how i can blow other players into space dust without even half trying, and i am disturbed by being "forced" to slect my BO skills very specificly in order to survive and succeed.

IMO PvP at this point needs a big overhaul.
Have abilities bring a minimal but advantageous effect to the user, recapture the feel of large ship combat that is so well represented in Star Trek that this game is sorely lacking.
In fact i don't think theres a single game in the history of Star Trek online gaming that has such extreme and un-trek like combat as STO.