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Dear Cryptic,

Please believe me when I say that I am restraining the worst of my irritation, but fair warning aside, RANT INCOMING!

Immediately, as of next patch, move the Flagship mob away from the player spawn point in DSEs. Having a large, powerful mob camping the DSE spawn point is not only patently stupid, it shows an almost epic lack of sensitivity to your players or, at the very least, an epic miscalculation of what constitutes "fun" in a game. In either case, it must be fixed immediately, and I'd even go so far as to say that it calls into serious doubt the competence of your content development team, who apparently is stuck on formulaic conflict.

A word on that. It's getting tiresome. More than tiresome, really. It's a bore. Yes, seriously, a bore. It makes me want to go buy copies of Ace Combat for PlayStation or STAR TREK: Bridge Commander for PC and send it to your content developers so they can see what fun and DYNAMIC COMBAT is like. Then I'll send them a copy of Fallout 3, so they can see what sound TACTICAL GROUND COMBAT should look like. Specifically regarding the speed of combat, the use of cover, the elements of strategy and tactics that is practically nonexistent in ground missions in ST:O.

I'm going to give you more time, however. I am playing Champions Online, and I have to admit that it gives me great hope for the future of ST:O. It also disappoints me a little regarding character generation and map sizes in ST:O. Need to work on combining the two, because ST:O has certain elements that CO doesn't, and vice versa. ST:O's maps need a LOT of help, however. The scaling in CO is a lot better, though the random dungeons for ground missions are still a bit insipid; at least there are barracks and kitchens/dining rooms in areas that are supposed to be inhabited, unlike in ST:O, where scientists apparently don't eat or sleep.

Okay, I'm better now. I've ranted a little, and that made me feel better. Please, Cryptic. Move the Flagship mob AWAY from the DSE spawns as of next patch. It's not exactly a hard fix. It boggles me that this hasn't been done yet. Please get away from your formulaic combat system. It really is just boring as sin. And, in the name of all that is holy, do something about ground mission combat. It's absolutely the weakest aspect of the game, bar none.

I have a ton of ideas that you probably already have heard a dozen times in other threads, but if you want to hear them, you have my number and my email (obviously). I've decided no more helping you guys for free.

Thanks for putting up with my rant, but I've been jumped by the Flagship mob 8 times in a row now! It's really putting me off.