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04-16-2010, 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
If you don't have RSP your screwed.
If you don't have FBP your screwed.
If you don't have sci team your screwed.
And virtually every escort and BoP specs the same way, for being able to blast a ship to pieces in 2 seconds flat.
Yeah if you don't have RSP you're screwed.

I rarely see FBP. People do fine without it.

Sci team is a fantastic skill - why wouldn't you get it anyway? You don't use it for PvE? I think it's fair to say you'll probably have to switch in a debuff removal and shield boosting skill instead of mask energy signature or whatever you might use in its place.

Escorts spec for damage? Hmmm...

Just because a BoP is spec'd for damage doesn't mean there aren't still various combinations. Oh and personally I don't have RSP and I do just fine with evasive maneuvers. Don't tell me I battle cloak out of it because battle cloak will get you killed. Better to just run. I don't see why more people don't use evasive maneuvers...everyone has it.