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04-16-2010, 11:39 PM
You guys...really. Thanks to everybody who gave me relevant opinions and actually answered my questions. The rest of you...jeez. It was just a question.

Here's the deal: I have limited playtime. I enjoy leveling, and the storyline, and believe it or not (because you all seem to think you know so much about me) I like doing things in-game "just because." But I want to see the endgame, because that's what content is coming out, and I want to share the excitement of new content. I want to do STF's with the rest of my fleet. I want to fly the big ships and see what gameplay is like at the top strata. So, I'm sorry for those of you who either are leveling savants or who maxed out the game in a matter of "days", but my wife, my full-time job, and my three kids would like for me to be able to enjoy my hobby (because this is IT right now) and spend time with the rest of my life as well.

So please, next time think about how much you so obviously DON'T know before you open your condescending, judgemental yappers to say nothing of value.