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04-17-2010, 12:47 AM
Going to have to agree w/ most of the above..
1. Being deaf does NOT disclude you from being in a fleet, good or otherwise
2. Being deaf does NOT put you a disadvantage in pvp
3. Use target of target function for kill targets
4. Have the leader use the team macro, to name targets as a backup
5. Use lots of macros, those that say, " ST needed " or " ES is out " or whatever

As for your experience in getting cornholed in pvp...
1. Fedbears tend to be idiots in pvp, due to the following:
a) Only dabble in PvP
b) Bad specs/gear/etc
c) Usually solo (in pvp and pve)
d) Couldn't follow directions to save thief life
e) Refuse to be grouped up, and even if on a team, don't act like it
f) Split fire
g) Don't know how take any tactic/strat/etc to full potential, other than fedball zerg
h) Don't follow objects, MUST BE TOP DMG!! PEW PEW PEW!!! I'M AWESOME!!

2. See #!
3. Too busy blaming X/Y/Z as OP or some such crap, instead of learning how deal with things, or even understanding the real reasons, etc of how it truly is.
1. Lacks TSS1
2. Lacks +30% shields
3. Lacks 1x Sci console
4. Has no staying power, unless it gives up something else. (DPS/Sci)
5. Always going to have 1 less BO than everyone else

Most of the BoP's seen, in PvP are dps varients, I've seen little, if any support ones. KDF seems to leave that role to the BC/Carrier. That said, I've only seen 1x Raptor in PvP @ RA5 in the last 2 weeks.

What's really going on, is that KDF is forced to PvP, because thier PvE is on timers, of up to 1x a day.
So we either log on, do a few missions, and log off, or we do PvP. Those that PvP, at least to 20-50 matches per tier. (that's 100-250 matches total by RA5)
They are forced to learn how to deal with the Feds, both in terms of what the OpFor is using mostly, but also how to counter it, and exploit weaknesses in what's being faced.

Ex. No Fed science ship in the OpFor, no worry of VM, or other Sci stuff. No cruisers, well that means no tanks, and probably no "support" stuff like extend shields either. All of these things change the battlefield, not only in what's possible from the OpFor, but what the KDF is able to exploit because of it.

Lastly, this isn't real ground combat, where no hearing is a detriment. It's a game, and space combat. All you need is a brain, giving you ability to learn, adapt, etc. If they used what's between their ears, for more than a windtunnel, you'd probably find PuG PvP a more enjoyable experience.

NOTE: the above mostly goes for any PvP game, not just STO, but common sense isn't really common at all. Stupidity is however.