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04-17-2010, 09:24 AM
I can understand certain frustrations with the high damage output which necessitates certain highly defensive builds but the general consensus on the topic seems to ignore some pretty basic facts about PvP in general. All games have combinations of equipment, powers, or builds which grant a clear advantage. Having played all types of PC and console games and competed on the MLG tour I can attest to this firsthand.

Want to dominate in COD/MW2 (an FPS)? Marathon-Lightweight-Commando. Or dual 1887 shotguns with Stopping Power. Want to roll over your enemies in Command and Conquer (an RTS)? Spam Mammoth Tanks with upgraded cannons. Remember Starcraft? Zerg rush. That's where the phrase comes from...

All games boil down to mathematics and it's a formula of damage resistance versus damage generation. Intrepid gamers will find the "winning combination" faster than the DEV's can nerf them. In the end they are left chasing their tails and not really solving anything. Can you win without "cookie-cutter" builds? Sure. Can a person new to the game pick up an established build and win immediately? Yes. It's a balance that is difficult to achieve but having a counter to every power is a good start and Cryptic is working to that end.

Best advice I can give you is teamwork is the best power you can have on your ship. Practice with friends, fleetmates, etc and work as a team. Throwing out heals, focusing your fire from multiple ships on dangerous targets, and communication will trump individual "power spammers" any day...