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04-17-2010, 11:55 AM
Nice stuff, though I have a couple of questions...

Why do you have the Voyager rank pips as silver, rather than gold as you have the DS9 and TNG pips? They used the same pips on Voyager as they did on the other shows.

Why do you have the TOS rank braid as silver? Unlike the insignia, the braid's colour can be changed. While it has a golden sheen to it that's built in, the overall colour is till determined by your choice, and your setting here looks quite silver (both in your examples and in my in-game testing), while the braiding in the series was gold.

For most grey and black parts, I tend to use the bottom line (true neutral greyscale) rather than the second line up (cool greyscale on left, warm greyscale on right).