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04-17-2010, 11:41 PM
Yup, my thoughts exactly, scifiguy. Very well put.

I've tried to keep hope alive that this issue will be addressed, but honestly it really does seem like it's just going to be ignored. I've yet to see any response other than dstahl's really terse one.

What's unfortunate to me is that this is the first MMO in about 5 years that I've been amped about playing, and with the poorly implemented changes, exceedingly long 'raid' experiences with rather inelegant/akward mechanics, 'badge' rewards that have questionable utility (when other items are obtainable for far less time/effort/frustration), missions that bug out even with me as an RA5.....

I dunno. I hope Cryptic enjoys the $300+ bucks (lifer+collectors+C-store points) of mine they got, because I'm loathe to make an additional purchase anytime soon.


Wish the devs would respond.