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04-18-2010, 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
This is one of the few things left for us RA5's as our daily missions.

As such, I think it needs some fixing:

It takes at least 3 or 4 tries to get a worthwhile mission. i have gone as many as 7 tries myself:

Scan Anomalous Readings to harvest data is worthless due to the crafting setup. I have since filled my bank and the exchange and must now start discarding these things.

Aid the Planet. Nobody does these after the 1rst time. It would not be an issue if you didn't have the minute or more long load screens in between. Better to copy some of the earlier missions where you blasted several groups of ships siegeing the planet instead of these.

Ground Missions: Get rid of the stupid hold powers of all these enemies. It is bad enough they have to try to molest me without the sicko hold thing going on as well. Make enemies go to ground so they are harder to hit and less WMCA.
Can't help you with the last, but the good news is, that they are improving these things. Aid the Planet improvements can already be seen on Tribble now. You can replicate your commodities in your Replicate (finally!) and you get a new type of reward. So far, it seems it can be turned "only" into a uncommon item, but there was some speculation among the players (no actual Dev comment I am aware of) that it might also play in with the proposed Diplomacy / "Prime Directive" System. We'll see. But it makes me more optimistic, overall.

And they already mentioned that they will improve the Crafting/Memory Alpha part. Most of it will be cleaning up the gameplay, not the core mechanic for now, but that alone shouldmake it better. If they add a few (a lot) items and make it easier to buy the base items, crafting might actually become worth our while. So don't get rid of that data right now!