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04-18-2010, 05:35 PM
Originally Posted by Aaron-Michael
How many other players would like a system implemented in pvp battlegrounds that limit the beaming out during a match without forfeiting the match. Both sides have this problem the winning side has to sit and wait around because the loosing team rage quits. If not that at least implement a timer. Also unnerf pvp that would encourage more people to play or offer better benefits.

I play both sides but it eludes me why the feds Defiant Class vessels can't cloak.


The Federation vessels can't cloak, because lore-wise.. the Feds don't use Cloaks (well, as a general rule, there are some rare exceptions, and someone who can recall all the episode names and contents will post in a minute or two and tell you those exceptions).

It's part of a treaty, and, in general, I think the Federation views attacking from stealth as 'dishonorable' or, at the very least, counter to Starfleet's official mission of exploration and science (the whole military thing is a secondary job, not the main function).