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# 1 Cryptic, A few request.
04-18-2010, 11:18 PM
I've posted this before
1. add in a marker or at least some on screen indication of team member locations on the ground. in hectic situations team members can get split up and it gets kinda difficult to regroup.

2. a change in the way fleet actions are entered. its nice just being able to join an instance but it can be frustrating at the same time. joining one to find that its half finished and not understand the curent objective or having others join and muck up a solid run. maybe an increase in team size or allowing ppl to create a temporary armada for fleet actions like the big dig or CE.

3. a set respawn point in the big dig and finite enemies. its stressful wiping and respawning with everyone split up and all the enemies respawned or enemies respawn on top of you.

4. sometimes the mission update screen keeps popping up to let me and others on my team know the the next object. this is fine but its been doing it in the middle of combat a lot of times. an option of turning that off would be nice.

Thx Devs. lovin the game and the new content. cant wait for more