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04-19-2010, 04:38 AM
I tried my first FvF over the weekend, it was interesting.

I'm in a Fed T3 Cruiser, which I was beginning to dislike because the turning is SO BAD, I can't imagine T4 and T5 turning on Cruisers being even slower.

Anyways, I thought, and probably still will, change to Escorts in T4 and T5, because as you can see in my signature, I'm normally Klingon, and the Escorts being faster and more nimble would do battle more like a Klingon, at least more like a BoP.

But, in the FvF, I got the occasional opponent off just the 2 of us, and my slow turning cruiser was still able to rip though the escorts fairly easily.

So, now I'm a little torn, go with the Escorts in T4 and T5 because I think I'd enjoy the play style of the escorts more, or stay with cruisers since FvF, the cruiser does tend to kick the escorts butt. This is based on very limited FvF, but I saw a pattern none the less....