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04-19-2010, 02:19 PM
This is a good post.

Here is another idea: you have just finished an exploration mission and reported to Starfleet to get your reward. You receive it, then your ship rocks and you drop out of hyperspace (warp, whatever. That area we are flying through when not in a system). Now, you and your bridge crew have to travel around your own ship to fix it before you can go on any other missions. The is no loot drop for a mission like this, but you gain experience points as do your BOs.

These should be random. You never know when one will occur or what will cause it.

Personally, I liked the very opening of the game (when you are an ensign) and you have to beam to another ship and help restore its systems. How come the only room on our own ship we can visit is the bridge?

I think that would be lots of fun...