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# 15 much suck
04-20-2010, 01:54 AM
The life of an RA/BG..
Log on
Do dailies
Log off / switch toons

Add in some pvp/raidsodes here and there, but those are mostly to kill boredom.
Raidsodes are for when you want to be reminded why PuG'n that stuff sux.

Game feels more like a chore @ that level, than fun tbh.
Also, purple gear = antiproton/tricobalt, so unless you want to use them, there's only the shields, dish, engine, and away team crap to buy. Well, unless you want to save up, for the exceedingly high blue+ AH items.... but we won't go there.

Think end game WoW, but w/ even less fun, and even less than that, in terms of reward for effort.