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04-20-2010, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by KillingMeSoftly
Then why complain they're "required"?
My apoligies. My posts do tend to be ambiguous
I wasn't complaining so much as trying to state that even when I spam the spacebar (keybound to fire all weapons), I see no huge decreases in my weapon power. I don't have any EPS equips what so ever and don't wish to see cannon power consumption raised to the point that I have to have them to operate an Escort properly
I tend to run
2DHplascannons, Dual plasma beam, Quantam torp ( all green to blue) and stack APA,FAW,EPtW, HYT2, CRF2 for my opening salvo. This coupled with my +19 cannon (x2),+22 plasma and +22 quatam boost, I tend to do decent dammage with little drain.
If the DPS capability of Escorts is nerfed due to power consumption issues, with thier already tissue paper defenses they will be no more fun to play than flying a big moving skeet.