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04-20-2010, 05:44 AM
Did it for the first time last night in a PUG (3 first timers, 2 very experienced Cure/STF players) and completed in just under 2.5 hours and that included one drop where we had to get another (10 mins or so). Breakdown was roughly: Space 1: 10 mins, Ground: ~2 hours, Space 2: 15 mins.

The only irritating part was the last shield generator where we had to keep the Worker Drones off while some stupid Elite are pounding on you. The last shield took 5-6 tries. In general there are a tad too many borg but it's nothing you can't handle with some decent players.

The last ground boss - we set up in a large clearly and one person pulled him to the opening. Really no trouble with him but then again the experienced Sci officer tanked him solo while the other four of us just pounded away.