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04-20-2010, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
Fortunately EPS consoles are not a required piece of equipment. However, if your play style is such that you spam all your energy weapons then you'll want at least one and maybe two to compensate for the power loss due to spamming.
I would actually tend to disagree here. If all players are running EPS then they become a requirment. None of us have any choice but ot run pretty much all EPS in the Eng slots. Pherhaps Cryptic needs to add a specific EPS or power slots for each ship that are additional to the Eng slots. This would probably also add to prelonging death and stop the -4 sec kills. I am currently running a Tac Cru and with beams it is an even higer requirment to run EPS than an escourt.