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04-20-2010, 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Um, did you notice how it said the type of ship these variants are for? Both of the CStore ship variants are for the Admiral level starships. One is for the Assault Cruiser. The other is for the Advanced Escort. You need to be an Admiral to be able to use them. So, if you're trying to use them on a Captain or a Commander you're not going to find them.

All you had to do is look at the CStore description and then go to the Ship Listings on the main site. It's pretty obvious.

Hi !

On 03/26 the date of my post none of that information was available. Further the patch notes said the ship was a Rank 4 Cruiser, which should have made it a Captain Rank ship. It took about a week for the C-Store to update it's info and add a screenshot. Much better now. But at the time, I wasted several frustrating hours looking for information that should have been available the moment the ship went on sale at the c-store.