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04-20-2010, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by Allerka View Post
They've said all major factions from the table-top will be represented in some form or another in the game. I HIGHLY doubt they'll all be playable. From an RPG aspect, the Necrons and Tyranids in particular don't lend themselves too well to the individual player concept. They've also stated a desire to have epic battles, and one way to do that is squad-based gameplay. Pretty much along the same lines as here in STO, which has shown it can be done (if a bit crudely here). That could allow for different factions having different numbers of NPC helpers (e.g. a Space Marine player gets two Battle-Brothers to help him, while an Ork gets a half-dozen Boyz backing him up).

Also looking forward to Space Marine to tide me over in the meantime. Though I should probably actually get a PS-3 for that, heh...
Yeah, playable Necrons and Tyranids would definitely be wonky.

Some people keep asking for playable Borg* in STO, though, so there'd probably be demand.

*Not the liberated Borg us preorder lifers get, the assimilate-your-ass variety. No, playing an extension of a group consciousness without any personal volition doesn't make sense to me either.