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04-20-2010, 08:14 PM
Agree w/most of the posts here

Infected is pretty simple for the most part..I mean yea you die a few times on the way to the end, but overall alot easier than cure. The endboss is a different story...Usually you have one medic on a team, which my toon is that, and there is no way in hell i can keep up with the DPS the boss throws out. Usually have to hide in the corner, and yes cheat, to beat her. Thats the only way i've gotten it finished in my 3 tries out of 100 or so lol.

As for the time I've made it to the end boss on the ground, out of maybe 50 tries so far. That was with a fleet group and we couldnt take him down, 3 tacs/1eng and me the sci. Got him down to 25% but then the group wiped, and I was tanking him. I've heard its easier for 2 sci to beat him...but I haven't even gotten past the first set of 4 transmitters w/another group since. Its a combination of paitence, and luck (a large quantity of that, imo) to get past that. Most groups i've been in trie several to a dozen times then just call it, or log. And thats not even at the second set of transmitters. Now I'm no novice, run 3 toons each an RA, purple gear too. I'm not a hardcore player..I mean yea I log in a few hours every night, but don't spend days playing, and I still can't get past that.

To be completely honest I've kinda just given up doing them. If an opprotunity arises I'll run them..but imo the rewards don't justify the stress, frustration, and downright just BLAH they take to get done. Yay! 7 missions for 35 medals to get a weapon that does a bit more damage versus borg...thats it? And half the reward drops don't equal the gear I'm already wearing (yes the purple reward drops from infected) so I just don't see the logic. Instead I do fleet actions, make myself a mill or so on loot, and buy what I need. least those can be completed, w/o too much frustration.