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04-21-2010, 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by Marklarr View Post
erm at no point have Cryptic officially said that choosing to play a klingon is hard mode, its pvp based but it is NOT supposed to be harder.
There is a reason the Klingons dominate PvP (and I PvP at T5 on both sides). Cloak? No. Better ships? Actually the Fed ships are better in many ways, so no.

It is because PvP will always be harder than PvE as real people adapt in ways the AI cannot.

So by the time most Klingon players reach BG (that's "Admiral" to you, Fed boy), they will have fought in literally hundred of PvP matches.

And keep in mind that most current Klingon BGs circa April 2010 did it when there was ZERO ability to level via Star Cluster missions, whereas many Feds never PvP until the get to Admiral and run out of other stuff to do... and then they are amazed when the BoPs, Raptors and Neghvar's they killed by the dozen in PvE are suddenly kicking the snot out of them...

...However as more Klingons grind up via explore missions, the qualitative edge an average Klingon PUG has over an average Fed PUG will start to erode (I am already seeing that start to happen). I am not say there are not good Fed players, there most certainly are, but the *average* Fed player is far far less experienced at PvP compared to the *average* Klingon player due the weird way Cryptic set the Klingon faction up initially.

My point? It is irrelevant what Cryptic officially say... levelling via PvP is "hard mode" and that should be obvious to anyone who got to Admiral as a Fed via PvE and BG as a Klingon via PvP