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04-21-2010, 07:59 AM
Originally Posted by Judous View Post
Federation PvE needs to have the difficulty turned up. I don't really care if it is difficult or not play, (I don't see how fighting a scripted event is challenging). But the problem with PvE being to easy is that I have done the "the big dig" and CE so many times with an entire group of people that have no idea how to play except running around aimlessly killing things. Nobody puts any thought about what they need to do for the quest... and after the dozen or so times trying, it gets really frustrating.

If there needs to only be one reason to make PvE more difficult. Then it should be to help train the people leveling up. Force them to use their abilities, and it will make them better players.
Bad idea... well, no... actually a good idea... but bad because if Cryptic were to read this and say "By Q! That man Judous is right! This is far too easy!"... they would just increase the spawn rate by a factor of ten and make them all spawn magically within gun range... ie turn the whole game into one of those unutterably tedious zerg-and-respawn-fest STF encounters.