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04-21-2010, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by drgnmstr44 View Post
I think the big issue is the nerf to EPS consoles. My thought is Cryptic nerfed it because they didn't want people stacking EPS so they never see a power drain on their ship. I don't know what people used before the nerf in terms of the number of EPS consoles on their ship but now the thought seems to be every engineering console needs to be an EPS console. that means the rest end up never being used.

My suggestion is make the EPS consoles a unique-equip item and remove the nerf made to the console. I think that would have been a better shot at fixing it instead of nerfing them and pretty much forcing everyone to stack more consoles. just my thought

They nerfed the EPS to stop people from using them to keep their power levels high, but that change did absolutely no good. Now we have to run ALL EPS consoles, with no room for anything else.