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I've been RA5 with the feds since mid march, 2 characters that is, and 1 BG5 Klingon for the past 2 weeks and I've come to realize something. Why can't you set the skill point that are being rewarded to us RA5s and BGs to our ground skills only this would encourage more people to play the end game missions and daily ground missions it would also pull more into ground pvp.
As it stands the ground we mostly skip and stay away from. I have only done the cure and infected once, don't take it wrong their a great design but most of us have applied our skill points for space and we don't want to retrain just to bring up our ground skills. Besides this set back you guys have done a great job with the game. I will be here til the end.

And now let take a poll on this subject.

Would everyone do more ground the game if you could apply them skill point to your ground skills?

I would for sure.